Headway, since its establishment in 2005, played a key role in the following projects albeit as co funder, project manager, or service provider. Please see the picture library below.

Coconut oil production in Inhambane, Mozambique  with a long term strategic goal of establishing green fields plantation areas. Current production capacity is 35MT per day.

Great Force developments and Headway Estate Management focuses on the acquisition of land from private land owners, or from Government and local councils on land availability terms.

Great Force is an  Agrément SA certified alternative construction company  based in Cape Town South Africa which builds quality homes in the affordable and social housing market in SA.

Biodiesel production project as a joint venture between Hende Wayela Energia, Petromoc SARL, Biomoz and Bio Energia in Mozambique (Sold January 2009)

Hende Wayela Energia, LDA

Great Force Housing

Great Force Developments / Headway Estate Management

Ecomoz—Energias Alternativas Renováveis, LDA

Project List

Ecomoz project—Maputo, Mozambique

The Hende Mozambique project—active at social events and projects in Inhambane and Inhasorro, Mozambique.

Above: Fish farm feeding a nursery in Inhasorro.

Left: Nursery at permaculture village in Inhasorro.

Left: Hende Wayela Energia’s Coconut oil production facility 7Km North of Maxixe, Inhambane, Mozambique.

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Great Force— Agrément SA approved Concrete tilt-up construction