Headway, as an investment and consulting firm, provides investment solutions that suit your needs, and also provides the following basic business services:

Service List

In this day and age finance is difficult to come by, therefore extra care needs to be taken in how your business  case is presented. Through extensive experience and contact with various funders, Headway is your ideal partner to assist in business case presentation and modeling.

For more information about this service:

E-mail: danie@headway.co.za

Proposal writing and business modeling

Through our extensive experience and the application of the latest accounting software, Headway  is ideally equipped to solve your business accounting and internal reporting problems.


For more information about this service:

E-mail: tersia@headway.co.za

Accounting & management reporting

Headway ‘s project management team has extensive experience in various disciplines, including agriculture  as well as construction projects and will be able to assist with project management related to these and other industries.


For more information about this service:

E-mail: projects@headway.co.za

Project management

Danie van Jaarsveld CA(SA) oversees all business case writing and presentations.

Tersia Muller has 28 years group accounts experience and heads up the accounting department.

Francois du Toit hails from the Zululand Centre for Sustainable Development and oversees all projects.